Thank you very much for making this site, it helps so much, every time I write I feel so much better, it really does help. Thank you
  - Sent by sarah
I realy enjoy writing to God, It gets alot off my chest, sometimes it's better to write stuff down instead of just saying it or thinking it.
  - Sent by Amanda Caston
Hi Leena! How are you? Happy Dassera greetings to you and to all around you. I realy congratulate and compliment you for your ceaseless efforts in sending the inspiring and educating mails, that not only comfort but also give a new angle to look at life and living process. Thanks a lot. Waiting for the next one, Yours sincerely, Rajiva.
  - Sent by Rajiva
I think your website is doing a very noble deed & I whole-heartedly appreciate your endeavor. Please accept my best wishes. When several people write to God, I am sure that there will be a synergistic effect. Optimism breeds optimism & in today's world, where brutality & violence seem to be rearing their ugly head every now & then, faith in God is the only solution for all the problems.
  - Sent by G.VENKATESH
I fought with God for giving my mother such a horrible death. How dare he. Why did he have to do this to me and my daddy? I told him how unfair he was.
  - Sent by Andrew
I wrote a letter to my father who got killed in the horrible WTC blast. I promised to study hard and be the man that he would like me to be. I also promised him that I would take care of MOM and Lara.
  - Sent by Jacob
I was able to say sorry to my husband, David , who got killed in the WTC bomb blast. We had had an argument in the morning before he left for work. I did not know I would never be seeing him again to make amends. But thankfully I was able to say sorry to him in my letter to loved-one. I know he has received it and forgiven me. I feel a weight being lifted off my shoulder.
  - Sent by Suzzen
I feel so relieved to be able to say Goodbye to Jenny after she was so cruelly and suddenly taken away from me and my daughter in the WTC blast.
  - Sent by Arney
I would like to congratulate the owners of this website and thank them for giving me and my family an opportunity to write to God and unburden our pain to him? Also appreciate the opportunity we have been given to write to our daughter and tell her how much we love her and miss her. She died in a car crash last year at the tender age of 3.
  - Sent by Tina
The idea of writing to God is so simple and unique that it’s a wonder that it took so long for someone to think of it and make it a reality.
  - Sent by Peter
Writing to God is such an exhilarating experience that it is difficult to put my feelings into words.
  - Sent by Sally

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